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Comprehensive Medicaid Applications

Studies show that nationally, the majority of uncollected SNF A/R is a direct result of Medicaid applications that were either denied or partially denied. Through our services, CMA will support your patients through the complex process of applying for Medicaid with efficiency and expertise. Our team will work to financially screen your residents, collect documentation, proactively solutionize on potential eligibility risks, and handle the complete application process from submission to approval. CMA will also enable you to increase your admissions by knowing that you have the resources to handle complex Medicaid cases. We will provide you with the support to accurately and efficiently assess each patient’s risk when reviewing pending admissions. Once the patient is admitted, we will continue to provide support and direction until the case is approved. Our goal is to assist your patients in getting their Medicaid benefits as quickly as possible to ensure you get paid without delay. Through our services, CMA will reduce the number of denied applications – both complete denials as well as gaps in coverage.

Our Services

Comprehensive Medicaid Applications

  • Preadmissions review of complex eligibility cases
  • Complete and submit Medicaid application
  • Retain an attorney to represent the applicant when Medicaid Planning or Estate Planning is needed
  • Communicate closely with you to ensure that you are fully informed of the approval, dates of coverage, and patient responsibility
  • Temporary or long term acting Medicaid coordinators for when you aren’t able to fill the position onsite

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