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Our innovative tracking system has been proven effective in drastically improving collection in all cases. We strive to increase our client’s collections to nearly 100%!

An innovative approach to managing your accounts receivable

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions is an AR Management company, specializing in nursing home collections. Our talented staff has more than fifty years’ combined experience in the nursing home and collections field with astonishing results. The numbers speak for themselves. Through our innovative and original “Payer-Tracking” system, we are able to increase our clients’ collections to nearly 100%!

Full Billing Services • Temporary Billing Services • Aged Collections

Full Billing Services

Monthly Billing

  • • Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care billing
  • • Medicare billing
  • • Monthly NAMI and Private
  • • Monthly Private and Patient Liability billing
  • • HMO billing
  • • All other payers, including VA, LTC Insurances, etc.

Collection & Follow Ups

  • • Insurance (HMOs) – aggressive follow up on every unpaid claim every 30 days
  • • Medicare – Every unpaid claim is addressed on the day the remittance is downloaded (2 days prior to payment)
  • • Patient Liability/Private – If bill is not paid in full by the 15th of the month, follow up begins immediately
  • • Aging – Complete Aging review every 30 days

Bookkeeping and Reporting

  • • Cash receipts posting and reconciliation to the bank statements to ensure all the payments are posted
  • • Month end closing reports – sales journal, cash receipt journal and 5 column balance reports are provided to your accountant
  • • Reports can be customized to your account’s specific preferences

Patient Funds Management

  • • Posting all cash to patient funds
  • • All patient funds disbursement and petty cash withdrawals
  • • Patient funds transfers
  • • Weekly and bi-weekly trial balances supplied to the facility
  • • Patients’ funds reconciliation

Payor Tracking

  • • Consulting to Admissions Department, advising Admissions when and if insurance will cover
  • • Proactive payer planning to ensure a billable payer for every stay
  • • Expert guidance and oversight of the Medicaid eligibility, conversion and application process

Temporary Billing Services

• Short term billers

• Emergency coverage for all billing duties

Aged Collections

• Our team of collections specialist can handle any of your old aging collections

• All payer buckets, including Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance, Private, Patient Liability etc.

Let Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions help you

All of the above services are brought together by our one-of-a-kind “Tracking” system that is able to increase our client’s collections to nearly 100%! Contact Us to get started today!