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Sandy Shur

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Sandy Shur, founding partner at Comprehensive A/R Solutions, is a veteran of the nursing home industry, utilizing her insight and expertise for 25 years, specializing in A/R management. Sandy’s initial experience in the 1990s focused on working within facilities. She subsequently began servicing large nursing home groups as a consultant, bringing strength, experience and leadership to Comprehensive and its amazing team of 150+ employees.

Israel Rosenberg

Vice President

Israel Rosenberg leads our client relations team, focusing on ensuring that all A/R-related processes and procedures operate smoothly and with accountability. His hands-on approach and attention to detail, along with a high level of customer service and personal care, ensures the highest possible level of collections.

Leah Buchler

Director of Operations

Leah Buchler, Director of Billing, oversees our Billing Department, ensuring timely billing, collections, and all client revenue reporting and bookkeeping. With meticulousness and precision, buttressed by her extensive knowledge and experience, Leah leads the Billing team with exceptional dedication and a guiding hand.


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