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What is Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions?

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions is a full-service accounts receivable management company centered on the Skilled Nursing Facility and related services. We have a holistic approach to accounts receivable that encompasses every aspect of AR management, from the point of admission to collections. ‘We value your money as our own’ is our credo and guides our every decision; it’s the key to our success. With our range of services paired with our values of utmost integrity and stewardship, we are able to increase our client’s collections to nearly 100%. No matter the challenge, we have a full suite of services to address your needs.

Our MA Applications, HMO Contracting and Aged Collections services joins with our Billing service to bring you the strongest possible outcome. With our diverse and integrative services, your Accounts Receivable management will be seamless. A streamlined system will allow you to focus on your patient care, broaden your impact, and focus on the growth of your operations.

Our Services

We recognize that successful Accounts Receivable is not contingent upon billing alone; it is the sum total of all the interaction between the patient, their payer source, and all involved departments. We crafted the ideal Payer-Tracking System that harnesses this knowledge to maximize our efficacy. Our Payer-Tracking system pinpoints potential payer issues so that they can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently before any debt accrues. Most significantly, we prioritize proactive communication among all departments – admissions, case management, social work, Comprehensive Billing Solutions discharge planners and billing to prevent and protect the client from uncollectable bad debt. This system has proven to be very effective at drastically improving collections to nearly 100% for all of our clients.


  • Payer-Tracking
  • Monthly/Weekly Billing and Aging follow-up
  • Cash receipts posting
  • Bookkeeping and Customized Reporting
  • Patient Funds management and reconciliation

We will reduce the number of denied applications – both complete denials and gaps in coverage. Studies show that nationally, majority of uncollected AR is from MA applications that were either denied or partially denied. Our service will support your patients through the complex process of applying for Medicaid with efficiency and expertise. CMA will also enable you to increase your admissions knowing you have the resources to handle complex Medicaid cases. You will no longer need to limit your referrals to avoid potential risks. We will provide you with the support to accurately and efficiently assess each patient’s risk when reviewing pending admissions. Once the patient is admitted, we will continue to provide support and direction until the case is approved.


  • Preadmissions review of complex eligibility cases
  • Complete and submit Medicaid application
  • Retain an attorney to represent the applicant when Medicaid Planning or Estate Planning is needed
  • Communicate closely with you to ensure that you are fully informed of the approval, dates of coverage, and patient responsibility
  • Temporary or long term acting Medicaid coordinators for when you aren’t able to fill the position onsite

At Comprehensive, we recognize that you know your business better than anyone else and that you are the most equipped to handle your day-to-day business affairs. That’s why we created a specialized task force to solely address AGING COLLECTIONS. If you recently had a change of biller or underwent any other kind of transition, you may have an old aging with significant balances. Perhaps you have already despaired of collecting on them. Allow our competent staff to step in and bring in the payments.


  • Our energetic team of collections specialists will tackle your aging with creativity and determination
  • We can undertake all payer buckets including Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, Hospice, Private and Patient Liability.
  • A risk-free opportunity with no upfront cost

Comprehensive Contracting Solutions is here to address all your organization’s Insurance contracting needs. We can assist you with obtaining new contracts, updating existing contracts due to a CHOW, increasing your current reimbursement rates, and any other HMO complexities that arise.


  • Obtain new contracts
  • Update your current contract to include reimbursement for additional services
  • Negotiate your current contract rates
  • Re-credential sellers contracts to new ownership upon CHOW
  • Contract consulting

With our diverse and integrative services, your Accounts Receivable management will be seamless. Learn more about our services today!